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St. Augustine Beach Condominiums

My name is Rick Ginn. I am a Saint Johns County real estate broker. The GPS locations of these condos were obtained by marking each location with my Garmin GPS.  I marked these condos to help my customers find condos using their GPS. Please note these numbers are for informational purposes only. Please verify before using. Readings taken with other GPS devices will be different. With the boom of the smart phone and GPS Navigation Systems designed for cars I have designed web pages with Latitude/Longitude information for St. Augustine Beach Florida. Each page has gps coordinates, address and a map for areas in St. Johns County including Saint Augustine and Saint Augustine Beach. Enter the coordinates provided on your device and receive driving directions to different areas of Saint Augustine.

We are a local real estate company that has been helping families find condos at St. Augustine Beach since 1989. If you are looking for a condo at Saint Augustine Beach Florida, we can help.










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